About LifeChanges

All of our lives are shaped by periods of contrast – exciting opportunities and uncertain change. Calling on someone impartial yet empathetic can be of great benefit in helping us manage the changes we face.

I established LifeChanges in Bristol more than 20 years ago to help people to manage these crucial stages of their lives. Over time, I have developed a unique blend of helping strategies, combining traditional talking therapies with bodywork techniques.  This approach allows me to treat the whole person, and helps me to work as creatively as possible with the issues my clients face.

My name is Deborah Clarke. I am a  Bristol based Chartered Psychologist with experience in counselling, coaching and organisational psychology. I am also a qualified HathaYoga Teacher.

I work with individuals, teams or small groups of people facing change. Appointments take place in Clifton at The Alma Vale Centre and The Practice Rooms in Clifton Village.