How I work

My approach to client work is Integrative, which is underpinned by a person centred attitude that acknowledges the importance of the client/ therapist relationship in supporting desired change. In consultation with my clients, different approaches may be adopted at different stages in our work. Since 1990 I have been practising yoga and integrate an understanding of the profound connection between mind and body in the therapeutic work . 

Over 35 years I have developed a tool box of approaches to my clients’ dilemmas e.g. CBT, coaching, mentoring and mindfulness.

The situations that prompt clients to seek help may include relationship challenges, bereavement and redundancy, as well as major health issues.

The flexibility of my approach is mirrored in my willingness to negotiate with my clients to work together in a way which fits in with their circumstances e.g. number of sessions, frequency of sessions. However, this is on the understanding that this will be always be agreed  in the best interests of the client and in line with my own ethical, professional standards.

My gentle and, if appropriate, humorous approach in sessions underlies an  emphasis on recognising our personal responsibility for the choices we make.