How I work

I have been practising as a psychologist, coach and counsellor since 1985.

I’ve worked with major organisations like the BBC, Boots and Amnesty International, helping their people adjust to change or deal with other workplace issues.

I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals to help them through periods of major transition. The sorts of situations that prompt my clients to seek help include relationship challenges, bereavement and redundancy. And I’ve worked as a coach and mentor, helping individuals and groups to overcome obstacles at work and reach their full potential.

Since 1990, I have been practising yoga and have found it an essential tools for managing stress and transition in my own life. By integrating these skills with talking therapies, I have developed a powerful and flexible methodology that treats the whole person. When we work with the mind and the body in harmony, we can often unlock unhelpful patterns much more quickly, and integrate major changes more fully and effectively.

Each client is unique, and my approach is collaborative and gentle. Together, we explore what specific mix of talking and bodywork feels comfortable – and gets results. Sometimes yoga is the major focus of the treatment; sometimes therapeutic talk is supplemented with breath and relaxation techniques.